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Tellart’s culture and work represent a symbiotic relationship between research, teaching, and working with clients. Since 1999 we have been producing our own tools–called Sketchtools–that allow designers and engineers to work closely together in tight cycles of iteration.

Commanding physical and virtual materials with a holistic design approach has become critical as products and architecture have ubiquitously come to involve sensing, software and networks. We listen carefully to the needs of our team, our students and our clients when defining which tools to make next, we test them in our courses, we deploy them in our projects. It is common that a first engagement with a new client will involve a Sketchtools workshop around a topic of particular interest to them. Our most recent Sketchtools workshops and toolkits include: “Mobile Hacking: Android + Arduino” and “Advanced Cinematography: Automated Motion Control.”


Our "duiPhone" attaches a breathalyzer backpack to an iPhone or iPod touch - calling you a taxi if you've had one too many.

Sketchtools NADA

Our "NADA Mobile" package provides tools for making immediate working prototypes of mobile & embedded technology ideas

NADA Mobile also provides an interface for easily receiving analog sensor input using only a device's 1/8" headphone jack

Tellart has developed many of its own pieces of custom hardware - in this case, a "breakout board" attachment for Arduino that eliminates the need for clumsy breadboards and power supplies