Connected Health


Client: Humana

In addition to the health gaming prototypes we have created with Humana, we have worked with them to understand the challenges of health management – including patient compliance with health interventions, caregiver and provider challenges, and understanding health benefits. These prototypes are part of an ongoing exploration with the Humana Innovation Center into ways that ubiquitous computing technologies can aid health management.

Frame of Reverence is a prototype digital photo device that serves as a subtle reminder for family members to stay in touch with elderly relatives. The frame depicts the photograph of a family member, which slowly fades if a long time has passed since a phone conversation has taken place with them.

Health Swap is a mobile application that helps users find healthier options for products in real time. Users take a picture of the product's barcode with the application, and the app locates healthier alternatives for it online, along with where to find the new items. The application is tailored to users' individual health profiles, including data about allergies, medical history, prescriptions, etc.

Grand to Grand is a set of electronically enhanced stuffed bears that enable subtle emotional communication & telepresence between distant family members.

Grand to Grand technology flow diagram

Grand to Grand technology flow diagram (detail)

Health Benefits Explanation Tool

Health Benefits Understanding Tool set out to tackle the challenge of complicated Medicare benefits that are often impossible for seniors to understand. In collaboration with Humana’s Innovation Center, we designed a prototype that took the hard to find benefits information and transformed it into a tangible and intuitive interface. The interface took the form of a human-like doll with capacitive touch inputs that allow users to select a body part and learn about the available medicare benefits for it. The health benefit information relevant to that body part automatically appears on an accompanying iPad. The prototype served as a jumping off point for ideas and discussions about placement of tools in doctors’ offices and nursing homes, as well as other form factors for explanation.