Jasper Speicher

Technology Consultant


Jasper’s role as Creative Technology Consultant at Tellart involves a variety of responsibilities, including: designing, manufacturing, and testing digital and analog electronics; repurposing and “hacking” existing electronic systems for prototype design; research and porting open source software for a variety of desktop and embedded environments; designing and testing code for user interfaces, basic DSP algorithms, and data networks for various desktop, embedded and mobile devices; performing on-site device installation and maintenance; designing, building, and testing basic mechanical systems; managing engineering subcontractors for projects requiring expertise beyond the scope of the company; and writing and illustrating proposals for work on a variety of technical subjects.

Before starting at Tellart, Jasper received his BA in Engineering and Visual Arts, and his MA in Computer Music and Multimedia Performance from Brown University. While there he worked as a research assistant on engineering, art, and archaeology projects at the Brown University SHAPE Lab, studying the theory, design, and usage of 3D virtual sculpting software. Jasper’s background and interest in music provide Tellart with a deep knowledge and capability in digital and generative music projects – and with the occasional video soundtrack.