Brian Hinch

Chief Production Officer


Brian is an expert software and systems developer in a myriad of web, mobile, and embedded platforms and languages – for ten years he has operated as Tellart’s lead in technology development and strategy, and his work has enabled the company to pursue capabilities and projects beyond what are typically found in an interaction studio environment. Trained as a graphic designer at the Rhode Island School of Design, Brian combines his design background with his capabilities as a highly expert technologist to design and build technology solutions – internally and for clients – that are meaningful, extensible, and sustainable.

As a primary developer of Tellart’s hardware sketching toolkits, Brian’s background and ongoing research in new technologies gives him advanced perspective on the direction and details of ubiquitous computing. His hands-on experience creating, working with, and teaching with the NADA Sketchtools platforms enables him to contribute in planning, training, concept development, implementation, and technology support.

Brian graduated from the Graphic Design department of the Rhode Island School of Design. He was hired by RISD to develop web applications for the school’s Computer and Network Services department, and continued to design software for use in multimedia art exhibits. In addition to leading Tellart’s technology efforts, Brian has taught or led many courses and workshops at institutions and conferences internationally.

Brian directs Tellart’s global production from his base in our San Francisco office.