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Tellart’s “Maker Music” Inspires 2011 Maker Fair RI Visitors

When the Rhode Island Maker Faire invited us back for our third year in a row, we racked our brains for the best way to follow up 2009′s Maker Pong (make a link) and 2010′s Frogger Game (make a link). We decided to amp up our mixed reality projection system with a giant music synthesizer [...]


The Great Map

The National Maritime Museum is situated in Greenwich, London–a hugely important historical location for maritime and trade history, namesake of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and home of the Prime Meridian. The Museum, one of the four fascinating sites of the Royal Museums Greenwich, engaged Tellart to conceptualize, design, and implement a new interactive exhibit for [...]


The Nursing Home of the Future

Together with the Business Innovation Factory and RISD teacher Michael Lye, Tellart led a team through both primary and secondary research around nursing homes – exploring what it is like to live in one, the larger social and economic frameworks they fit into, and where there are opportunities for disruptive technological innovation within them. Tellart [...]