Monthly Archives: October 2009

Seth Bikes 100 Miles with Photoscape App

Just a week or so ago, Seth took a day-long bike ride up and down the New England coastline as part of the Rhode Island chapter of Team in Training, the world’s largest charity sports training program (money raised goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).┬áTellart loves documentation, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to […]


Mike Bakes Delicious AR Cookies

One of our excellent summer interns, Mike, baked us up a great end-of-summer treat: augmented reality fiducial cookies. These ones toss up a 3D virtual Tellart logo when on webcam – luckily, the cookies themselves are real-life and delicious. If you’d like to bake your own, Mike has made an easy-to-follow recipe/tutorial that you can […]