Monthly Archives: January 2009

Matt’s Lasercut Doll Furniture Featured in MAKE:Blog

Matt’s contribution to Papercamp London was featured yesterday over on one of our favorite places, the MAKE magazine blog.  The furniture was laser cut and etched from original illustrations in Helen Campbell’s 1890 book, The American Girl’s Home Book of Work and Play. More info and other high-resolution photos can be found on the blog […]


Horsepower Challenge Launch Takes UK by Storm

Monday saw the successful launch of a new Horsepower Challenge UK, with 90 thrilled students and one Olympian athlete participating in the opening day’s run. By the end of the day each team had accumulated thousands of steps – one nearly reaching 85,000! There were a few articles about the launch, in E-Health Insider and […]

Tellart on Facebook

Tellart now has a Page (yes, with a capital P) on Facebook. Check it out and become a fan!