Monthly Archives: December 2008

Tellart Teaches Workshop at Umeå Institute of Design

Tellart teaches Physical Computing/Interaction Design workshops yearly at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden – in this particular two week long workshop, the students were asked to conceive of ideas that would encourage a more energetic “desk-job” experience. “Repetitive strain injury”, or RSI, is the name for a group of conditions common in computer […]

Happy Holidays from Tellart

Try it yourself. What is going on here? That was recorded live, including the falling snowflakes. Flash can “see” the pattern on each card–depending on the pattern, the computer plays a different note. The result is that you can use pieces of paper like instruments. How did we make it? We put this together using […]

Horsepower Challenge Featured in Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch

An article in today’s MarketWatch outlines the growing importance of interactive games for health – mentioning dance games, the Wii Fit, and our very own Horsepower Challenge for Humana: “Humana, the Louisville, Ky.-based health insurer, is pleased with the performance of its online game to get school children moving, said Joanna Darst, product manager for […]