Experience Design & Engineering

We work between the virtual, material and

natural worlds. Our interactive objects and

environments shape human experience –

they give emerging technologies meaningful form.

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Color Visualizer & Bee Vision at CAS

Client: California Academy of Sciences

Tellart collaborated with the California Academy of Sciences to create a dynamic multisensory display for Color of Life, a permanent exhibition that opened in 2015.

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S7 Imagination Machine

Client: S7 Airlines

Partners: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Created by Tellart in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the Imagination Machine gave participants the chance to see how far they could travel with just the power of their mind.

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Museum of Future Government Services 2015

Client: United Arab Emirates Prime Minister's Office

Partners: See credits list.

The 2015 Museum of Future Government Services, a vision of how advanced technologies can transform government services for the better, explored continuing education, applied robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more.

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The Coffee Connector

Client: Singapore Economic Development Board

Partners: The Secret Little Agency

Created in partnership with The Secret Little Agency for the Singapore Economic Development Board, the Coffee Connector is a beautiful object, seamless digital interaction, and social experiment–all in one.

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The Binoculars

Client: The Sydney Opera House

Partners: Google Creative Lab

Jørn Utzon’s 1973 Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable and acclaimed structures on the planet– in addition to being the youngest UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tellart teamed up with Google Creative Lab to help the Sydney Opera House celebrate its 40th birthday by inviting its friends to the party.

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Museum of Future Government Services 2014

Client: United Arab Emirates Prime Minister's Office

Partners: Fabrica

The Museum of Future Government Services was meant to both inspire and forecast the future of government in the UAE, the surrounding countries, and beyond.

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Crown Sky Garden Light Wall & Benches

Client: Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Partners: Mikyoung Kim Design

Tellart worked with renowned artist and landscape architect Mikyoung Kim to design and develop two interactive installations for the “Crown Sky Garden,” a peaceful retreat on the 11th floor of the Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

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Voting Doors

Client: Salesforce.com

Partners: David Rose, Gensler

Gensler and Salesforce.com engaged David Rose and Tellart to think about new interactive ways to encourage interaction among employees at Salesforce.com’s new Portland, OR office.

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HP Bend The Rules

Client: HP

Partners: B-Reel

The HP Bend the Rules robot printer, which was set up in our Providence office, scanned social media feeds and printed the usernames of people who posted using #BendTheRules.

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The Great Map

Client: National Maritime Museum

“The Great Map” lets visitors to the National Maritime Museum explore both British maritime history and live data using a custom tablet application.

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SoundAffects NYC

Client: Parsons The New School for Design

Partners: Mono

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The Blu Dot “Real Good Experiment”

Client: Blu Dot

Partners: Mono, Supermarché

Blu Dot wanted to find the answer to a simple question: "What is good design?" What resulted was a provocative marketing stunt that involved GPS-tracking the company's iconic "Real Good" chairs as they were taken from New York City Streets and back to people's homes.

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Target Thursday Lights

Client: Target

Partners: The Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center's world-renowned sculpture garden celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013. Target approached Tellart to help honor the garden and its birthday by capturing the magic spirit of summer evenings in the midwest.

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Moonshiners Tweet-Powered Distillery

Client: OMD & The Discovery Channel

Partners: King's County Distillery

In preparation for the next season of Discovery's hit show Moonshiners, OMD came to Tellart looking to make the distillation process interactive for the show's massive at-home viewership.

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Games for Health

Client: Humana

The Humana Innovation Center asked: "How can we combat childhood obesity using ubiquitous computing technology?"– a question that would lead to a many year relationship between Humana and Tellart developing games for health.

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The "bus interior" view allowed students to see each others' new accessories and displayed their status messages.
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Our Idea

People don’t interact with computers or devices, they interact with each other and the world around them; a world in which the borders between natural, material and virtual have blurred.

Tellart builds where these borders blur.

As we come to understand that the network isn’t in computers but inside everything we touch, we learn that “form” isn’t what we see, it’s what we use. Every day there’s a new surface to interact with. But, underneath these surfaces lie familiar human needs, desires, habits and hopes.

Emerging technologies aren’t built with the same tools or the same talents we know from the past. We are Tellart: we’re inventors and explorers. We believe the best way to explore an idea is to make it real. We don’t just dream and sketch, we prototype and manufacture. We are in the business of making things real.

Our Company

For fourteen years, Tellart has been building interactive objects and environments that connect to the web.

Fourteen years of marketing stunts, building control systems, museum exhibitions, games for health, consumer electronics, and medical simulations. Technologies emerge, and we’ve set out to give them culturally and economically relevant form.

In a small factory in New England, we’ve been housing the brains, hands, and hearts of industrial designers, electrical engineers, graphic designers and software architects. We’ve built our own tools and we use them every day.

We are proud of our clients and partners and the work we’ve done together. Sometimes our work starts with workshops to reveal needs and goals, or to identify potential strategies and tactics. Sometimes we create long-term agreements over years to build out innovative lines of business. But we always share the same goals as our partners: to actually make things that change the way the world thinks and acts.

Tellart starts where you start: with a hunch, an idea, a stray piece of technology, a carefully articulated demand, a broad sense that something is possible if addressed with courage, care, attention, and commitment.

Recent Awards
Selected Clients
  • Design
  • Information architecture & strategy
  • Graphic user interface design
  • Tangible interface design
  • Filmmaking & documentation
  • Sketching in software & hardware
  • Augmented & mixed-reality interfaces
  • Large-scale installations
  • Mobile & locative technologies
  • Game & experience design
  • Hardware
  • Full shop for wood, plastic, glass, & metalworking
  • Lasercutting & CNC routing
  • Video production / editing suites
  • Studio & location photography rigs
  • Remote control, computer vision & motion tracking
  • Projection mapping
  • 3D modeling
  • Depth mapping
  • Mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Proprietary Linux-based SBCs)
  • Low-power analog/digital circuitry
  • Custom PCB design & manufacturing
  • Languages
  • C, C++, Objective C (for AVR and x86)
  • Java (desktop & mobile)
  • Arduino, Processing
  • LeafLabs Maple
  • Javascript (client & server)
  • PHP, Python, Ruby
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • MySQL
  • Oracle SQL
  • App Engine Datastore
  • Operating Systems
  • Mac OS, iOS
  • Windows, Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • Various Linux flavors (desktop & embedded)
  • Frameworks, APIs and SDKs
  • Cocoa/CocoaTouch
  • openFrameworks
  • Numerous Google Data APIs
  • Google Maps API
  • App Engine
  • iOS SDK
  • FLAR Toolkit
  • Symfony, Codeigniter
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Wordpress, Drupal
  • Adobe Air & Flex
  • node.js
  • MooTools
  • Firmata
  • Ableton Live
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We’re designers – by temperament, by training, by experience. We think of design as a sensibility, a practice, a process. We think the best design is a response to constraints: we identify them, we understand them, we find inspiration in them.

We’re teachers and thought leaders. We run courses and workshops, speak at conferences, contribute to open source communities and lead research projects internationally – experiences that allow us to experiment, explore, study and shape the future of our discipline.

Design is an integral part of our lives. We believe that if design serves human needs, communicates clearly, functions cleanly, and makes sense of both material and virtual worlds, then it is beautiful.

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Main Studio

1 Sims Ave, Unit 201
Providence, RI 02909
+1 (401) 273 5423

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2743 9th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
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Tellart B.V.

Van Diemenstraat 176
1013 CP Amsterdam NL
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New York


141 W 28th St, 9th Fl
New York, NY 10001
+1 (347) 450 6501

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